File a Claim

When filing a claim make sure you do it in a timely fashion. If you screw up and flood some guy’s house for example, DO NOT hope, pray or take his word for it that he will not file suit against you. Call the Western Growers Claims people ASAP. Waiting could cause the claim to be denied. Fireman’s Fund needs investigate while the evidence is fresh.

1. DO NOT ADMIT FAULT ! This cannot be stressed enough. You may feel obligated to cleanse your soul, but you will do yourself and your claim harm by doing so. Button your lip and let Fireman’s Fund do the talking.

2. DO NOT TALK TO ANY ATTORNEY THAT IS NOT FROM FIREMAN’S FUND!  Never ever go to a deposition without legal representation from Fireman’s Fund. No matter how innocent it may seem these guys will eat you (and our policy) alive. Fireman’s Fund has a whole squadron of attorneys to represent you. You have to let these guys do the talking.

3. Prepare a complete statement of all the facts immediately and call Sean Reardon. Fireman’s Fund must be brought in early so they can investigate while the evidence  is fresh.

4. Inform your chapter President and Treasurer that you are filing a claim and keep them informed with the progress of the claim.

5. Make arrangements with your chapter Treasurer to give him the $500 deductible. Your chapter is responsible for paying the deducible. If you don’t pay it your chapter is on the hook. If your chapter doesn’t pay it the entire chapter will have its insurance canceled.

6. If you have any problems or questions or need assistance call Sean Reardon at Western Growers Insurance.

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